Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit, Sarnia Manufacturing Centre

Firebag Technical Solutions provide project administration and Construction supervision for Shell's Corunna Refinery naphtha hydrotreating unit revamp at SASREF Manufacturing Centre, Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia. The new unit is part of the refinery development project. This upgrade to the refinery aims to reduce sulfur and nitrogen contents and produce higher octane rating from its middle cut products.

In the naphtha hydrotreating unit, the heavy oil reacts with hydrogen at high temperature and in the presence of a catalyst. Under these conditions the oil splits into the lighter gas stream, middle fractions and bottom residues.

The client required a fast track project with execution time of 10 month. Our dedicated project team developed modular construction approach for the EPC contractor by concurrently building most of the project components off-site and assembling all modules on-site to form the new Hydrotreating Unit. Then we worked with the project owner in start-up procedures and prepare the project close out report. The project was delivered on time and budget with zero reportable incidents.









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