Engineering Design

ISO-9001ct: Engineering Design

Engineers at Firebag Technical Solutions draw upon their expertise in all facets of petrochemical processing to enhance equipment and system performance in countless applications. Each Front End Engineering Design (FEED) is designed with safety, high performance, and ease of maintenance in mind. Right away, you will see a return on investment in terms of improved performance and lower costs.

We continue to develop leading edge design technologies for the Canadian Oil Sands industry. Our SAGD and bitumen upgrading technologies have a long trend of successful designs for a number of major Oil and Gas companies, beside other customizable engineering designs for other clients.

Our team can provide the following FEED Engineering Services:

  • Sacrificial Chemical Sweetening
  • LPG Recovery
  • Heating Value Control
  • Hydrate Prediction & Control
  • Refrigerated JT Plants
  • Turbo-Expander Processes
  • Amine Plants
  • Acid Gas Injection
  • Selective Sweetening Plants
  • Nitrogen Rejection
  • Molecular Sieve Systems
  • Dehydration
  • Mixed Refrigeration Process Systems
  • Cold Box/Plate Fin Exchangers
  • Conventional and Low-Temp Refrigeration
  • Propane, Ammonia and Freon Refrigeration
  • Demethanizers, Deethanizers, Depropanizers, Debutanizers
  • Frac Oil Systems
  • Stabilizers
  • Iron-Sponge Systems
  • Mercaptan Removal Systems


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