Biodiesel Production and Blending Facility, Prince George Refinery

Firebag Technical Solutions was contracted by Petrobras, Brazil to develop a FEED design for a biodiesel production reactor from corn biomass and a blending system to produce B95 and B80 diesel blends. Diesel blends B95 and B80 are commonly approved for use by vehicle and equipment manufacturers, they are formed by mixing 95 to 80% conventional petroleum diesels with 5 to 20% biodiesel.

The design scope included a hydrocracker, a hydrogen reformer and a mixing tank. Additionally, modeling of two support units were developed; a Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to recycle hydrogen to the process and a distillation unit to separate diesel from light fuels after cracking triglycerides. The design model took into account a heat recovery loop to benefit from excessive heat generated in the exothermic reaction during corn oil cracking. Process simulations data and equipment sizing were calculated using CHEMCAD software. In addition, an automated database was developed to output key data and estimate capital and operation cost of the project.

Furthermore, Firebag Technical Solutions was retained as a contract administrator to assure the proper implantation of the project plans with regard to technical details, budgeting and project controls. The project management services included direct coordinating and monitoring of all involved parties including technology licensors, EPC contractors and vendors.







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